Explore the real authentic Portugal !

How it works?

  • Have a look at one of these examples of our standard long tours
  • See what you like there and what would like to add or change, given the choice of all our activities and locations
  • Let us know the level of budget and prefered type of accommodation
  • Number of people
  • and any extra preferences

Speak to one of our team members and we will effectively put something together for you

3 days in Alentejo

from 285 €/ person

Around Portugal Tour

from 480 €/ person

Explore Portugal and its regions in depth

Every part of this country has its own subculture, specialnature, authentic food and atmosphere.
We can organise for a weekend or longer travelling around different towns and villages, including various activities and of course electric powered bicycle ride.

We also give a choice of accommodation, something more countryside, something real traditional, different budget level but all are very special, handpicked and personally tested 🙂

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