Wolf Rides

Alternative Tourism

What are we about?

WolfRides was founded by a young couple, who loves to travel and explore. After understanding the need and preferences of majority of people and after strong desire to offer something unique and special to add color to people’s lives Dana and Miguel created this project.

We realised that a lot of us have such busy intense lives and sometimes getaway to nature is a long forgotten but essential activity. As a result WolfRides decided to create unique tours and packages to take traveller to most beautiful, unknown, remote locations to dive into pure magic of nature, relax, acquire positive feelings and emotions.

Our aim was to provide experiences different from standard touristic routes and activities. We believe an intimate contact with nature and beautiful locations is the most therapeutic and helpful gift one could offer to the self.

Enjoy the WolfRides adventures!

Our Team is a group of vibrant lifeloving professionals from around the world.
We are sharing similar visions, hopes and dreams and want to make a world a better place each one in own way.

You are sure to like our guides, customer service representatives as they are really friendly sunny people that would like to provide all support and advice they can to make your experience well organised, smoothly running and exciting!

Wishing you a great time with whatever activity you choose, Life is there to ENJOY!

Best wishes,
team WolfRides

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